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Welcome to the New Haven Family Alliance website.


We hope that you get to know the New Haven Family Alliance and join us in our efforts to strengthen families and communities in New Haven. NHFA operates on the principle that children are safer and families are stronger when communities work together and parents feel recognized and supported for their efforts to keep children safe, healthy and learning. The NHFA has three central beliefs:

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1) Empowering families and building on their strengths, nurtures healthy family functioning that keeps families together in their communities.

2) Integrating natural supports within the community foster self-reliance.

3) Strong, healthy families can be their own advocates and can help reform systems to meet family needs.

The mission of the NHFA is to foster family well-being by strengthening parents' ability to provide healthy, nurturing environments for their children and by providing support for children and youth so that they thrive emotionally, socially, academically and spiritually. We envision communities that support the strength and well-being of families and children; communities where all members feel valued and where vibrant, successful, economically stable families are the hallmark.

Rooted in the agency's mission, are philosophies, best practices and perspectives such as respect for families at all stages of their development, client empowerment, family-centered interventions and comprehensive child and family services. Cultural competence is central to the delivery of our services. Agency practices reflect a respect for the identity, values and beliefs of clients. In addition, preventive, proactive and culturally-derived approaches, and comprehensive community case management are important best practices that support quality services.

This framework has been the trademark of the NHFA and the long standing practice of these philosophies ensure that families receive services that reflect their voice and their choices; incorporate the natural support systems available in their communities and neighborhoods and ensure that families and children are connected to the appropriate supports, interventions and prevention activities and opportunities needed to promote the well-being and healthy development of children and families.

NHFA has invested heavily in creating a Results Based Accountability (RBA) organization framework and culture that supports data driven quality improvement, rigorous program evaluation and the identification of program best practices. Working with The Charter Oak Group and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, NHFA is in the process of becoming an impact organization. NHFA staff recently completed the Annie E. Casey Foundation 2012 professional development series: Building a Results Culture. While we still have work to do, we are well on our way of full implementation of an RBA agency performance and accountability framework.
Again, Welcome to the New Haven Family Alliance, Inc. website,

Barbara Tinney, Executive Director
Phone 203.786.5970 ext. 305